This calculator provides insights into the potential growth or decline of a cryptocurrency based on daily percentage changes. It offers two modes of operation:

Uniform Mode: Enter a single daily percentage (either positive for growth or negative for decline). This value will be consistently applied over the entire period, providing a compound effect.
Individual Mode: Input distinct percentage changes for each day of the chosen period. This mode allows for a more nuanced projection, accommodating for the unpredictable ebb and flow of the crypto market.

Upon submission, the calculator presents a daily breakdown, showcasing the coin's projected value at the end of each day. It also summarizes the total percentage change over the selected timeframe.

Crypto Currency Converter

Use this tool to convert between different cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Enter the amount, select the cryptocurrency you want to convert from, and the currency you want to convert to. The tool fetches real-time exchange rates to provide you with accurate conversions.