Published Date: 16 November 2023
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Dogecoin rose to prominence in 2021 on the back of billionaire Elon Musk posting about the meme coin to his millions of followers on X (formerly Twitter). The price would rally over 10,000% and reach as high as $0.7 before retracing, making a number of new millionaires along the way. However, as the bear market has raged on, the number of Dogecoin wallets that hold a claim to the millionaire status has been rapidly declining, falling more than 50%.

Only 546 Dogecoin Millionaires Left

Data from BitInfoCharts reveal the shocking decline that has taken place along the Dogecoin wallets that can boast of millionaire status. This figure which rose above 1,000 during the 2021 pump has fallen more than 50% between 2022 and 2023.

According to the website, there are now only 546 Dogecoin wallets that are holding coins worth $1 million and more. These wallets that hold at least 10 million DOGE have seen a steady decline as investors move out of the meme coin for better prospects.

The figure is even more shocking when looking at wallets that hold more than $10 million on their balances. The data shows that there are only 88 such wallets, signaling that this could be a dying breed.

Dogecoin millionaires

However, these wallets, despite their small numbers, control a significant portion of the DOGE supply. The concentration by large holders is one of the highest in the space with 65% of the total supply controlled by these whale addresses.

The smaller investors which make up a larger portion of the over 3 million holder base are left with just 35% of the circulating supply. To put this in perspective, only 78 investors control 21.81% of the total DOGE supply, which translates to 31.69 billion DOGE.

DOGE Whales Aren’t Giving Up

Despite the decline in the number of millionaire Dogecoin addresses, the DOGE whales are not giving up on the meme coin. Data from IntoTheBlock points to accumulation among these large holders who have been topping up their balances in the last few days.

Between November 14 and 15, the Large Holders Inflow metric showed a significant spike with 960 million DOGE flowing into the addresses of these large holders. However, they may be selling almost as much as they are buying as the Large Holder Outflow metric saw a 98.65% increase, and 872.31 million DOGE leaving their balances.

A selling trend among these large investors could explain why the Dogecoin price has lagged behind the rest of the crypto market. DOGE’s inability to clear the $0.1 level has baffled investors, especially with the likes of Solana (SOL) seeing 50% increases in just 7 days.

DOGE price chart from Tradingview.com (Dogecoin millionaires0